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Calvary Baptist Church was founded in 1879 and in June 2015 celebrated 136 years of “Glorifying God and Serving Humanity. The Church was founded two years after the end of Reconstruction by the Reverend Owens L. Simmons, who had come to Paterson to organize a “colored Baptist church”. The Church started from meager beginnings in the homes of congregants and later on in its first rental location for the sum of $6.00 per month. In 1186, Calvary built its first building on the Lawrence street property. In 1919, The Reverend Thomas Christian, then Pastor of Calvary was able to purchase the land on East 18th Street and 12th Avenue which is where Calvary resides today. Over the years, Calvary has been shepherded by a number of Preachers and over the past 44 years has been shepherded by the Reverend Dr. Albert Prince Rowe.

During this time, the Church’s community outreach efforts have resulted in the creation of a Day Care Center, Mentoring Program, Foster Care Program, Community Health Program, Vacation Bible School, Adult and Youth Revivals, Housing Units and the Family Life Center.

Calvary Baptist Church is a community of the people of God united in allegiance to Jesus Christ. It exists to glorify God and serve humanity. It proclaims that God has revealed Himself uniquely in Jesus Christ and through Him makes known His saving purpose for all mankind. Calvary Baptist Church believes in a practical day-to-day application of the Christian faith. It affirms that the church of Jesus Christ is concerned with all aspects of life, the economic, social, educational, political and cultural, as well as the moral and spiritual. It affirms that the Church of Jesus Christ is in the social order of God’s instrument of liberation.  The Calvary Baptist Church seeks to achieve oneness in Christ which rises above distinction of race, economic status, political loyalties and social background. To meet the needs of a diverse membership and to fulfill its broad mission, Calvary Baptist Church accepts the necessity of change and expects to continue to discover new avenues of ministry.  Consequently, organizational structure will also continue to change. Only in this way can the church continue to be relevant to its changing world.

 Senior Pastor Reverend Dr. Randall M. Lassiter

Senior Pastor

Reverend Dr. Randall M. Lassiter

Randall M. Lassiter is a humble servant, yet powerful spiritual, business, and community leader in the City of Paterson. His reputation for effectively communicating and motivating people of all ages is known and admired throughout Northern New Jersey.

Reverend Lassiter is currently Executive Assistant to the President of Passaic County Community College, Paterson, New Jersey. He also serves as Spiritual Advisor for the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department. Formerly he served as the City Councilman in the Township of Prospect Park, and Vice President of the Paterson Pastor’s Workshop. He is a lifetime member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Delta Mu Lambda Chapter, and is a mentor to numerous high school and college students throughout the State of New Jersey. His higher educational accomplishments include a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from East Stroudsburg University, and a Master of Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is the Founder of the B-Men Mentoring Program, one of the first male support programs for elementary school-aged boys in the Northern New Jersey area. Reverend Lassiter also served as the former college basketball coach at New Jersey Institute of Technology and William Paterson University. He is the recipient of the 2005 Ambassador of Peace Award, the 2006 Rev. Dr. Frank Napier Legacy Award, and the 2006 Spiritual Leader Award.

Reverend Lassiter is the author of You Are Not Your Circumstances, a self-help book that encourages readers to never let the cares of this world cripple them or keep them from achieving their dreams and desires. He is now penning the completion of his second book entitled, If the Dream Is Big Enough, The Facts Don’t Matter, which will provide strategies for working with youth to help them develop better spiritual and cultural values. He is also co-authoring with his wife Reverend Krystal Faye Lassiter, a self-help book for keeping covenant in marriage. The book is entitled, Divorce Is Not An Option.

As a noted speaker, Reverend Lassiter has addressed thousands of people on numerous platforms including colleges, churches, and community groups. He has been featured on local radio and cable programs where his strategies and techniques in working with young people have been well received, sought after, and commented on by several publications including The Record, The Herald News, The Star Ledger and USA Today.

He is founder of the former Future Scholars Learning Center (Paterson, New Jersey), and founder and former Pastor of Greater Faith Church of The Abundance, (Paterson, New Jersey from 2000-2012). In spite of the many roles, capacities and opportunities, his mission and mandate remains the same – to Reach Out to a Whole City.

Reverend Lassiter is an appointed and anointed preacher and teacher of the gospel of kingdom of God. His love for God and passion for souls to be converted and transformed into disciples, and disciples into ambassadors of God, is evident in every endeavor and accomplishment of his life. As he serves humanity he daily purposes in his heart to walk in the freshness of God, daily denying himself and coming after Christ. He maneuvers in a fresh love, thinks with a fresh new mind, and speaks the Word of God with a fresh anointing. His best act of servitude is to his best friend and wife Krystal, and sons, Nigel and Joell. But more importantly, he loves the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Reverend Lassiter resides with his family in the great City of Righteousness, Paterson, New Jersey.


Every member is a minister committed to glorifying God and serving mankind.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.


“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy